Why Video?

With the rapidly changing usage of the latest technologies, and the power of the internet continuing to widen markets, it becomes a huge challenge for the business owner to figure out how to increase brand exposure and deepen relationships with customers and potential customers. However there is one medium that is proving increasingly that it has the power to impact people like no other. This power can be harnessed to provide the competitive edge savvy businesses need to survive and thrive in today’s world.

Video – An Effective Sensory Experience

Video stimulates the mind – “the power of video is the power of the human mind itself” (Dr Michio Kaku, Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York).

No other medium offers something for every part of the human brain. Video speaks to the logical, linear, structured, data-hungry left side of the brain whilst simultaneously appealing to the emotional, spontaneous, symbolic, pattern-based right side. “Our brains are exquisitely wired for video” (Chris Anderson, TED).

Video adds dimensions not possible with the written word, and can use human attributes such as physical expression, voice, body language and eye-contact as well as sincerity, humour or excitement, adding a totally new layer of personalisation. Video comes as close as possible to actually ‘being there’.

By combining all the key ingredients of human storytelling – imagery, sound, motion and content – into a single medium, video creates an impact far beyond each of these individual components. Video brings your message to life and represents the Holy Grail that enables you to deliver a compelling, informative story in one desired format.

High Level of Engagement

When it comes to capturing the imagination, video is more than watched; it is experienced. And it is this experience that can turn your website into a dynamic destination with a meaningful message.

Video, quite simply, is a lot more interesting to consume than more traditional forms of marketing. Added as an intrinsic part of your own website, video creates a high level of connection between you and your audience, who will be able to visualise your product or service far more easily.

Quick and Efficient Grasp of Your Business

In today’s fast paced world, it is much more efficient and memorable for someone to see a video than it is for them to read a page of text. People want fast and easy information, and web video allows them to have that. Within a few short minutes, you can effectively and completely communicate your brand, and help the viewer retain this information for longer periods of time.

Video is a communications tool like no other. Because it is self-guided, repeatable, can be watched on almost any digital device and is easily shared across individual networks, video ranks about as high as possible in terms of clout and convenience.

Targeted Traffic

Unlike a TV commercial for example, people searching the internet are actually looking for you. So they are extremely interested in what you have to say, as long as your content is compelling. You have a few moments in which your potential customer will decide whether your product or service meets their need.

Statistically speaking video is far more likely to generate the desired response than other forms of web content. It rapidly creates brand awareness, and if your video is hosted on a third-party site such as YouTube, it will drive visitors straight to your website.

In addition to this, because of the way Google now uses ‘blended’ search results, your brand is up to 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results if you have a keyworded video incorporated into your online marketing efforts.

Video sharing sites have also made it easy to spread videos to others. Viral marketing carries tremendous power via brand exposure at very little cost. Using video helps others connect with your brand because it now has a face that others can identify with and adds that personal touch that is so important in establishing, maintaining, and enhancing relationships.

Stay Relevant, Stay Ahead

The business climate today is all about how to make your marketing message heard above all the ‘noise’ of competing messages in an age where we are faced with ‘information overload’. Video has now emerged as the fastest, most efficient and persuasive mode of online marketing available.

The largest and most-cutting edge companies are already using video marketing and communication as common practice. However even though the use of video is increasing rapidly and studies indicate that this will continue, there are some industries and some smaller or medium sized companies that haven’t yet embraced it. If any of your competitors don’t yet use video, you’ll be able to set yourself apart by using video on your website.

Some companies not yet incorporating video as a marketing tool is possibly due to the fact that the concept of video marketing is still relatively new, and that business owners have not yet grasped its power and effectiveness. However it could also be in part due to a perception that it is not easy to make the investment.

Cost Effective

You might be surprised – the cost of having a quality video produced by a professional production company has tumbled in recent years. The initially outlay may still seem a little higher than other forms of more traditional communications. But people are quickly realising that the vastly higher impact it now achieves easily justifies that investment.

This effectiveness is made even more apparent by online tools such as website analytics designed to give you a detailed breakdown of statistics like numbers of views, view time, ratings, comments, audience location and demographic. When comparing the impact of video-enabled websites to previous static sites it is possible to gauge how your video has helped drive ‘conversions’ or sales.

Focus on Quality

It is important to consider that the quality of your video, in terms of the content and the production, is crucial. Bear in mind that in addition to the intentional direct communication that your video achieves, a high quality video also gives you the opportunity to enhance your reputation in the process. High production values speak volumes to clients, and the higher the quality, the further-reaching are the positive effects on your brand. A video that people talk about or want to share is one of the most effective ever tools in the history of public relations.

The Future

Online video is the future of marketing and promotion. In the UK, spend on online marketing has now exceeded spend on all other forms, including print and even TV advertising. Web video is not just the latest trend, it continues to surge forward in popularity. The most successful companies are embracing video as an essential promotional tool. Consumers are becoming so accustomed to the presence of video as a way of advertising products or services that it has almost become expected. Businesses that don’t yet have a video to market their brand may actually risk deserting a sizeable portion of their audience or potential customers.

Video is a unique opportunity for you and your company. You’ll be surprised at what can be accomplished, and the astonishing impact video can have on your brand and your audience!