University of Exeter – EPEE

The EPEE project, in association with Research Councils UK, has 4 aims:

1) to reach and engage students from a diversity of backgrounds and abilities in order to increase engagement, raise ambition and widen participation,
2) to enable university researchers to develop skills in presenting their findings to a different audience,
3) to enhance and illuminate the national curriculum with contemporary, cutting-edge research, and
4) to develop teachers’ understanding of the research landscape in their curriculum area.

University of Exeter
WideFrame was commissioned to produce a series of videos documenting the EPEE project, which stands for ‘Empowering Partnerships and Enabling Engagement’.

EPEE: Transitions Workshop EPEE: EcoSoc
EPEE: Argue To Think Workshop EPEE: Families' Open Day

The full series of 17 videos can be accessed here.