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  • TEDx – Behind the Scenes

    TEDx – Behind the Scenes

    In this series of videos we go behind the scenes at TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells and discover what makes it tick. We hear personal stories from those whose teamwork and dedication help to make TEDx possible. The series will be released in the exciting run up to the next event in January 2019.

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  • TWBN


    We believe that business networking is first and foremost about building relationships with other like-minded owners. Understanding each other and the businesses we run is fundamental to developing good referrals. At Tunbridge Wells Business Network we aim to: • Create value through referring business to other members • Learn new business skills • Share in the challenges and successes of running a business • Build strong business relationships and promote good business practice • Enhance local business in a friendly, […]

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  • 3C Academy: Introduction

    3C Academy: Introduction

    The 3C Academy offers training to schools and universities on the most important life skills – confidence, communication and connection. Confidence – developing the necessary self belief, passion and resilience to deal with life’s setbacks and challenges. Communication – the ability to present your thoughts with clarity and conviction, whilst being able to understand others. Connection – knowing how to create trusting relationships with different people and build supportive networks.

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  • Benchmark Software

    Benchmark Software

    For nearly 40 years, Benchmark has been writing Accounting, Payroll, Auto Enrolment (Workplace Pensions), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other business software with one simple aim – to make life easier for you.

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  • William Ayot: Maximum Impact Masterclass

    William Ayot: Maximum Impact Masterclass

    William Ayot is a poet, presenter and coach. He is the winner of 2013 People’s Book Prize: Special Achievement Award for outstanding content and for the author whose writing has, or could benefit the community. NaCOT is the UK’s National Centre for the Oral Tradition – for spoken poetry, storytelling, acapella singing, and public speaking of all kinds. The Maximum Impact Masterclass is for individuals from organisations who have been nominated for fast track transformation in personal impact, spoken word, […]

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  • Cartridges Solicitors: Cartridges Business Hub

    Cartridges Solicitors: Cartridges Business Hub

    Cartridges Business Hub provides one-stop-shop access to the full range of legal and business support services, when, where and how they are needed. By collaborating with established and trusted local businesses, Cartridges are able to focus on their areas of expertise as lawyers, while also meeting the wider demands of their clients for the services they want, in a way that is convenient to them and at a competitive price. The Cartridges Business Hub provides a wide range of business support […]

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