• Budgeting


    We listen closely to our clients’ needs and surpass expectations within budget because we are able to use the latest techniques as standard.

  • Planning / Pre Production

    Planning / Pre Production

    We imagine ourselves in your shoes and respond with creative solutions. We communicate effectively with our clients and they trust us and our approach. Planning is a very important stage and when done effectively can align expectations and make production and post-production run more smoothly.

  • Production


    We are streamlined and efficient, and help you to feel calm and relaxed during production. Preparing well helps us to allow time for the unexpected. We are thinking ahead to the final edit and our well-composed shots are appropriately lit and always in focus. We communicate well and manage expectations.

  • Post-Production


    We do all editing, graphics, animated logos, colour grading, sound editing, background music, audio mix and final render in-house. We take into account client feedback and leave you with your chosen file formats and resolutions.

  • On Location

    On Location

    We are based in Tunbridge Wells and cover Kent, Sussex, London and Surrey, but regularly travel all over the UK and can work with you wherever you are.

  • Testimonial


    Laura Smith, Project Development Officer, Youth Sport Trust

  • Your Organisation or Business

    Your Organisation or Business

    When searching online, many people will discover your organisation or business through Google, and you have an opportunity to capture their attention using a video hosted on Google My Business. This can be a short introductory video describing who you are, your services, and how you can meet the needs of the person searching. Wideframe specialises in producing introductory videos for your organisation or business. Talk to us today to find out more.


Recent Videos

  • TEDx – Behind the Scenes

    TEDx – Behind the Scenes

    In this series of videos we go behind the scenes at TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells and discover what makes it tick. We hear personal stories from those whose teamwork and dedication help to make TEDx possible. The series will be released in the exciting run up to the next event in January 2019.

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  • TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells

    TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells

    TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world. Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. TEDx Royal […]

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  • TWBN


    We believe that business networking is first and foremost about building relationships with other like-minded owners. Understanding each other and the businesses we run is fundamental to developing good referrals. At Tunbridge Wells Business Network we aim to: • Create value through referring business to other members • Learn new business skills • Share in the challenges and successes of running a business • Build strong business relationships and promote good business practice • Enhance local business in a friendly, […]

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  • University of Exeter – EPEE

    University of Exeter – EPEE

    The EPEE project, in association with Research Councils UK, has 4 aims: 1) to reach and engage students from a diversity of backgrounds and abilities in order to increase engagement, raise ambition and widen participation, 2) to enable university researchers to develop skills in presenting their findings to a different audience, 3) to enhance and illuminate the national curriculum with contemporary, cutting-edge research, and 4) to develop teachers’ understanding of the research landscape in their curriculum area. WideFrame was commissioned […]

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  • Youth Sport Trust: Talent Camp

    Youth Sport Trust: Talent Camp

    A unique four-day experience bringing together 350 of the most talented young athletes, coaches and officials from across England. Coaching by top athletes such as Hannah Cockroft and Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

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  • The Old Print Works

    The Old Print Works

    The Old Print Works is a community space that facilitates designer-making, skill-sharing, art, music and alternative events in an authentic heritage building. It attracts people who want to rent a unit, hire an event space, co-work or just participate in some of their many activities. WideFrame was asked to produce a series of short videos to give a voice to a cross-section of the many users of the Old Print Works – here are some of their stories:

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  • School Games Organisers: #ellasfuture

    School Games Organisers: #ellasfuture

    School Games film created to showcase the wide-ranging and fantastic work that is carried out across the School Games network.

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  • Digital Kids’ Club

    Digital Kids’ Club

    Digital Kids’ Club introduces children to the digital environment through creative play. They begin a learning journey including programming, electronics and more.

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  • DAISI: SoundWaves

    DAISI: SoundWaves

    DAISI brings professional artists and creative practitioners to work alongside young people. Their vision is for artistic and creative experience to be at the heart of young people’s lives and learning. The SoundWaves project brings inclusive music projects to young people in the South West of England. WideFrame were commissioned to document these opportunities through video – telling the stories of the young people and how practitioners responded to their needs.

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  • 3C Academy: Introduction

    3C Academy: Introduction

    The 3C Academy offers training to schools and universities on the most important life skills – confidence, communication and connection. Confidence – developing the necessary self belief, passion and resilience to deal with life’s setbacks and challenges. Communication – the ability to present your thoughts with clarity and conviction, whilst being able to understand others. Connection – knowing how to create trusting relationships with different people and build supportive networks.

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  • Benchmark Software

    Benchmark Software

    For nearly 40 years, Benchmark has been writing Accounting, Payroll, Auto Enrolment (Workplace Pensions), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other business software with one simple aim – to make life easier for you.

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  • Change4Life Featherstone

    Change4Life: School Case Study

    Featherstone Primary School were successful in winning the National Change4Life ‘Club of the Year’ award at the 2014 National SGO summit. It is a fantastic recognition of how successful the club has been, and this is acknowledged by the Kingsbury School Sport Partnership. This video is a case study which has been shared with every school in England as an example of best practice.

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  • Youth Sport Trust: Arbour Vale

    Youth Sport Trust: Arbour Vale

    The number one aim of Project Ability is to have more young disabled pupils taking part in competitive sport. Through the School Games and a network of 50 lead Project Ability schools in England, each selected for their established expertise in engaging young disabled people, schools can improve the quality, and extend the provision, of physical activity for disabled pupils.

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  • Exeter University: Stoic Philosophy Workshop

    Exeter University: Stoic Philosophy Workshop

    A workshop at the University of Exeter on Stoic philosophical therapy and its modern uses where Academics, therapists and others discuss how we can make the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism a valuable part of psychotherapy and lifestyle guidance today.

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  • Change4Life: Summer Festival

    Change4Life: Summer Festival

    Change4Life is a public health programme in England and a national social marketing campaign. It aims to help children and families make small, sustainable yet significant improvements to their diet and activity levels. It uses the slogan “eat well, move more, live longer”. Change4Life summer sport festivals bring schools together to participate in competitive games and have fun. They are inspiring and motivating for children to increase their activity levels.

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  • Sainsbury’s School Games: Get Blogging!

    Sainsbury’s School Games: Get Blogging!

    The Sainsbury’s School Games is inspiring and involving more young people than ever before in school sport and competition. To celebrate, showcase and share this positive impact there’s an exciting opportunity to win prizes through our Reward and Recognition scheme. The scheme rewards and recognises registered schools that are logging the date of their Sainsbury’s School Games Day, and sharing the excitement by blogging on www.yourschoolgames.com

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  • Youth Sport Trust: South Dartmoor

    Youth Sport Trust: South Dartmoor

    The number one aim of Project Ability is to have more young disabled pupils taking part in competitive sport. Through the School Games and a network of 50 lead Project Ability schools in England, each selected for their established expertise in engaging young disabled people, schools can improve the quality, and extend the provision, of physical activity for disabled pupils.

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  • William Ayot: Maximum Impact Masterclass

    William Ayot: Maximum Impact Masterclass

    William Ayot is a poet, presenter and coach. He is the winner of 2013 People’s Book Prize: Special Achievement Award for outstanding content and for the author whose writing has, or could benefit the community. NaCOT is the UK’s National Centre for the Oral Tradition – for spoken poetry, storytelling, acapella singing, and public speaking of all kinds. The Maximum Impact Masterclass is for individuals from organisations who have been nominated for fast track transformation in personal impact, spoken word, […]

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